segunda-feira, junho 26, 2006

26 de Junho de 1964.

The Beatles release the album A Hard Day's Night. A Hard Day's Night was The Beatles' third album, released in 1964 as the soundtrack to their first film of the same name. The album, whilst showcasing the development of the band's songwriting talents, sticks to the basic rock and roll instrumentation and song format. Some of the more notable songs on the album include the title track (with its distinct, instantly recognizable opening chord), and the catchy "Can't Buy Me Love". It also features "And I Love Her", the first of what would become many popular McCartney ballads.

The title of the album (and film) was the accidental creation of drummer Ringo Starr. The band had begun filming the motion picture while it was still without a title. After one particularly rough day of shooting, Starr emerged from the studio (thinking it was still daytime) and said "It's been a hard day's..." (noticing that it was now dark outside) "... night."

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